Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check in for my race on race day?

NO.  There is no race day check-in for any of the Long Island Marathon Weekend events.


I registered online, when can I expect to receive my runner confirmation?

Runner confirmations are sent by email.  Your confirmation email should arrive within a few hours of online registration. 

Can my runner packet be sent to me by mail?

No.  Sorry, but we cannot mail individual race packets.


What is the deadline for advanced registration?

Advanced registration will close on March 20, 2016.  Online registration will close and All mail-in registrations must be postmarked by this date.

Is the Long Island Marathon USATF certified?

YES - All Long Island Marathon Weekend events are USATF sanctioned and Certified.  The Long Island Marathon can be used as a Boston Qualifier and often is.

Can I switch races?

You CANNOT change races on the day of your event.  Race changes can be made at the Sports & Fitness Expo / Participants Check-in up to the day before your race.


Can someone else pick up my race packet for me?

You can have someone pick up you race packet for you.  Please provide them with a note granting permission to release your packet to them.


What information do I have to give someone picking up my packet for me?

Anyone picking up a race packet need only the participant’s name.  All information can be quickly and easily looked up at the participant check-in.


Where can I park for the Long Island Marathon?

Parking information can be found here.  It is recommended that you arrive no later than 45 minutes before the start of your race to allow enough time to park and get to your starting line.


Can I wear my iPod during the race?

Though the use of portable music players is not prohibited during Long Island Marathon Weekend events, in the interest of participant safety, it is strongly discouraged.  If you do use a portable music player, volume levels should be low-enough so that you can hear the sounds and other runners around you.


Where can I watch my friend or family member run the race?

There are places all over the course where spectators can watch the race.  Pleases that are easy to get to can be found in the spectator information section of our site, here.


Are there water-stops and restrooms on the course?

YES.  See the race course map and race details for exact locations.


Is there medical aid on the course?

YES.  The Nassau County Department of Health has several aid stations setup along the course and at the finish line.  Anyone in need of medical attention should stop at the first aid station he/she sees and / or tell a race official immediately.


Will there be water or replacement drink on the course?

There will be both water and replacement drink along the marathon course.  Water will be located at all stops.  Replacement drink will be available at one stop on the first half of the marathon / half marathon course and every stop on the second half of the marathon.

When is the pasta party?

Unfortunately, the pasta party will no longer be held.